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My belt is demoting itself…

As you might or might not know, a lot of BJJ gyms give stripes on your belt. You start out with not stripe and then collect your four stripes and then get your next colored belt. Not all gyms do it that way, but the one I’m at does. I’ve received two stripes at my old gym last year and fairly quickly got two more at my new gym after I switched.

Expectedly, if you wash your belt at least three time a week those stripes will come off at some point. No big deal, you just but them on again. However, lately it feels like my BJJ sucks and my belt loosing stripes feels like a very fitting metaphor for where I feel I am at right now. I’m trying new things, work on stuff, but I’ve received some major beatings over the last couple of months and don’t feel like I’m improving at all. More the opposite, really.

Now, that could be because I’m trying out new stuff and make an effort to break old patterns that I’ve picked up and developed, but now everything seems muddled and chaotic.

And of course I’m back on the mats two days later. Where else am I going to be?

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Hot hot Hawt Hoth HOT and all the other things.


Let me first say that I hate hate hate the heat. Never liked it, never will. And the last 10 days where a nightmare in that regard. Not only was it hot as balls, my body was also rebelling against me in the worst ways. The combination of an allergy against some dye or fragrance in a laundry detergent in combination with a heat rash from hell turned me into an itchy, aggravated, suffering ‘poor thing’, as the doctor called me. So I am recuperating from that.

In other news though, we have gone through with our property purchase and are not step closer to being real adults. Aside from us actually owning the place now nothing has really changed (the mortgage payments are going to be pretty much the same as the rental payments we had), except that now we can actually make some of the improvements we want to make. Like getting rid of that awful carpet.

I’ve been watching Hannibal and I like it way more than I expected and care to admit. He is a truly truly terrible man.

Things have been slow on the podcast front, by fear not. You can’t force that kind of thing.

In Germany we don’t dissect things and we also don’t get pull owl puke pellets apart, so I had to finally remedy that second one. The finds have a place of honor on my tchotchke shelf.

Found a skull in my owl pellet!

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Because I’m a sucker for a deal and also enjoy playing video games I picked up Guild Wars 2 a while back and am really digging it. Not only because it’s really, really pretty.


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An unexpected series of unfortunate events

clown murder

Well, only one, really — we might have to move or buy on a relatively short notice. This is I guess what happens sometimes and maybe it’s a good thing that it forces our hand to move forward on that front, but geeeeeee….if you have ever met me you’d know that I don’t to well with unplanned or sudden events or changes. I’ve gotten better with it, but as a lot of children of alcoholics I am a little inflexible when it comes to adjusting to sudden changes. I like things announced and planned out and especially I need mental time to get used to the change. That’s not the greatest quality to go through life with, but I guess there are a bunch that are worse, so here we are. We’ve started the whole process of (possibly) buying a house and it blows my mind how many people are involved in this and are just wetting their beak in the process. I mean, I get it, you need to make sure that the thing is not falling down the hill and it makes sense to have the payments managed by a third party, but still.

Other than this latest event things and life have been pretty quiet and busy. The cat is doing fine. It’s finally getting warmer and spring is around the corner and while winter here in the PNW is nowhere near as nasty as in probably 80% of the rest of the U.S. not seeing the sun for several months gets tiresome after a while. Having the sun come out is nice. Oh, and I also got a staph infection, so I’m out of the gym until that is cleared up. At least it’s not one of the nasty ones that hurt like hell, nor is it MRSA, thankyouverymuch. But it sucks to be out for two weeks and on antibiotics that make my stomach hurt.

And I’ve been reading Peter Watts‘ Rifters Trilogy right now and it’s absolutely great and if you haven’t read them you should. You can get them as an ebook or an actual book, but he’s also posted them on his website under a creative commons license. I’ve read his more recent book, Blindsight, a while back and wasn’t too excited about it, but the Rifters stuff is great, especially if you’re into deep sea biology and biology in general. Speaking of books, I made my way through Jeff VanderMeer‘s Southern Reach Trilogy, which is also enjoyable. It starts out great, the second volume is a bit meh, and the third felt belabored, but still, overall it’s definitely worth it.

We finished the third season of House of Cards and say what you want I still think it’s amazing. Daredevil was not too shabby, either.

This seasonal is my new favorite beer.

Surprisingly and pleasantly tasty.

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