Sausage Party

It’s time for sausages again. These will be dried, which is going to take a while and I should also add that I was barely involved in this project beyond ‘sittin’ pretty.’

Long and short week again. We finally finished our bedroom, which took way longer than it should’ve taken and, for the record, I really really hate painting at this point. The white hot rage of frustration this causes in my is something I haven’t felt since I was a child. Good times.

Something that comes up again and again in my ‘to do’ lists every year is ‘travel more’ and ‘do more stuff with friends’ — and each year I fail. It’s tough for me to keep in touch with friends, which is apparently not unusual for men my age. Anyway, yet again, I will try and make an effort. Travel is another thing and for me the main problem here is planning. I need to just pick a date and commit. Book stuff. Prepare. The ‘traveling man’ is one of those personas I’d like to see myself as but I’m terrible at actually doing it. Probably because it’s outside of my comfort zone and, in my mind’s eye, the chores of traveling outweigh the benefits. Which is partly a BS excuse, of course.

I’ve started lifting weights and it’s great to be back in a gym and be physically active like that. And I’m eyeing rock-climbing as a hobby that includes more social interaction. It appears to be about as nerdy as BJJ was and there’s enough technical stuff to geek out on.



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