All the magicks


Actually, I like my coffee with cream. A little less evil, just like my magic.

First things first, new episode of It’s Unclear Podcast is up. We’re already in season 2 at this point (look how fancy) and I guess I never shared it here. Get it on iTunes. I have also reconnected this blog to Facebook, for what it’s worth.

The first week of using Blue Apron is done and so far I like it. It’s as close to having a mommy as you can get without someone actually cooking the food for you, if that is what it takes for us to actually eat something but crackers and cheese for dinner (not a bad thing) then so be it.

I’ve started listening to the radio a lot more recently on the weekends (Saturday afternoon and evening shows on KEXP are highly recommended) and I’m really digging Moon Duo

We’re in a state of constant remodeling and spent weeks painting our bedroom and I’m fucking sick and tired of it. The level of frustration and anger painting walls creates in me is a bit strange but it is what it is. I’m done and I think it looks like shot but I’ll settle for “good enough” like a loser. I need to remember that at least we have a Condo and not a house because with that type of endless project I’d just resign myself to live in a disgusting nest forever and ever.

Just sittin’



Don’t tell anyone, but the Pacific Northwest rocks big time.

It’s good that the weather is nice, because I’ve stayed away from the mats all of last week because of a sprained wrist. A week ago I was rolling with a blue belt and he caught me. Boom. I’m not 100% if that was what caused the injury, because my wrist did not start to hurt until later in the afternoon so it could have also been an accumulation of stress on my wrist, but I’m pretty sure that was the cause of it. He didn’t even put it on tight, but, man, wrist locks are just nasty.

Heh, like I wrote earlier, tap today, live to roll another day. But better be quick with the tapping!



The first time I ate oysters was probably how most people should (and maybe are) be introduced to oysters — at gunpoint. Not literally but pretty much in the same vein. I went out to dinner with The Wife (at a time when she was not yet The Wife) and her parents and it was the first time I’d met them. We went to a seafood restaurant at the coast somewhere in New England and they ordered a plate of oysters as a starter. I’ve never had oysters before and didn’t really know how to feel about them, considering that I’m not a fan of clams and other shellfish, but I didn’t want to be picky or unappreciative (while oysters can be expensive here, too, they’re really expensive in Germany, so I had that in the back of my mind, as well) so I just went for it.

Turns out I like oysters! There is still a little apprehension and, because I somehow got it in my head that every time you eat a raw oyster you’re toying with your life or at least some kind of nasty worm infestation of your guts or food poisoning, fear. And I learned to stay away from large or jumbo oysters, because there is such a thing as too much oyster and it put me off eating them for almost a year.

Be that as it may, some buddies of mine and I drove to an oyster festival, collected oysters, ate oysters (raw, barbecued, and fried) and had a pretty good time.

oysters 2

Tidal flats with oysters and snow-capped mountains in the background — how cool is that?

oysters 1

Thousands and thousands of oysters.