Yadda Yadda Yadda Jesus Yadda Pling Plong

[This post has been festering in my ‘drafts’ folder for months now, so it’s time it gets to see the light of day. (It also needed some extra aggravation I got last week to give it some spice.)]

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (or if you know me personally) you probably know that I have a hard time with christians. I didn’t grow up in a christian household and I’m only baptized because that’s they way it’s done and I didn’t really have a say in that. Aside from the sprinkling of water, nope, no faith in my life. Until I moved here, where you can’t kick a can down the street without hitting a christian.

You see, I’m mostly fine with religious things as long as they don’t poop on other people’s rights and opinions. (And come on, that weird family with 25 children is a perverse hoot if there ever was one.), but when it’s in your face and concrete it’s a different story. Because let’s face it, most of them think they are better than us heathens, because the baby-jesus put a moral compass into their heart and pointed it straight to heaven. And essentially, what when they talk to you they think you that you’re immoral and have no sense of what’s right and wrong. Or they just tell you that that’s the case (this has actually happened to me).


There is something called PRIDE and if I remember it correctly, that’s one of the sins? And isn’t it even one of the really really big ones. I wouldn’t know, because I have no idea what’s a virtue and what’s a vice, right?

Really, shut the fuck up and let other people live their life.

So, anyway, while I’m not following the nerdosphere at all and the only reason I’m reading Fake Steve’s blog is because he’s funny. But aside from being funny, he posted two entries sometime at the end of last year that I thought were great, one about Christians (which came out right about the time I had my first encounters with Christian pride, so it really fit well) and one on the internet and political writing / journalism.

The first one puts it much better than I could (and with less profanity), so take a minute or ten and check them out.

And just today (which was really months ago, but we are doing a little time-traveling here), the fabulous Dangerous Minds Blog posted an interview of Matthew Paul Turner of Jesus Needs Better PR with Christian Nightmares, which is worth a read, too.

So, now excuse me while I go back to doing whatever immoral stuff people like me do while other people go to church.

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