She Said, Control!

Done with another stressful week of what appears to be a series of stressful weeks. And here we were, thinking that 2017 would be better. Control is a funny thing and, to quote AA, Al-Anon, and all the other anonymous sufferers; it’s important to know what you can control, what you can’t control, and to know the difference. This has always been a helpful saying to help me ground myself in trying times. And if you’re wondering what is within your control, here’s a list of 50 things that you can do right now.

I went down a deep rabbit of watching a ton of anti-fascist punk band videos. This whole Trump thing is like watching a ship sinking, wondering why nobody is doing anything. Trump is dangerous, this is all not a joke. And, frighteningly enough, the most dangerous thing is probably him failing.

This week I had eggs with avocado for the first time and it’s a surprisingly good combination.


(Also, yeah, if you’ve paid attention, I’m back on here after a boredom-driven tinyletter experiment. It’s what it is, this is all set up, all my stuff is here…there isn’t really a reason to move anywhere else. And I’ll also make an effort to post more again. Indianerehrenwort! )