Sunday Papers 11-24-2014

There’s no real update for the weekend because I’ve been traveling for work and was sick on top of it. Be that as it may, I did get the chance to walk around New Orleans a bit to see that part of it (ahem, Bourbon Street) is pretty awful, just like any tourist destination. There are some nice bars though, I don’t understand the way taxes work there, and the architecture is gorgeous, especially if you manage to get away from the main drag and tourist hotspots. There was also a surprising amount of homeless and street people thrown into the mix.

I now really wish that I had taken more photos but for some reason I didn’t, which probably makes me a very bad person. I did put some up on my Instagram, so feel free to poke around there. It’s not a lot, unfortunately, because I happened to be sick while I was there and was mostly trying to get one foot in front of the other. I’ve also started to play around with Snapchat, so add me as dadbeasty to see 5 second photos of cool stones and pebbles. And send me snaps of cool stuff, like a sweet leaves, fanny packs, and food items!

I did have the chance to squeeze some time in for reading, for example about medieval re-enactors that beat the shit out out of each other and string cheese, which is a snack I just recently discovered.

And that is all for this weekend.

I’m tired.


Sunday Papers 11-16-2014 and some thoughts about the Berlin Wall



It’s mushroom time and while I like mushrooms how people can just walk into the forest and forage for them is beyond me. Because that shit is fucking dangerous. Just look up what happened to the guy who wrote the Horse Whisperer. I kid you not. And then there’s this, too:

The toxins in the death cap mushroom make themselves known within 24 hours, as the body is racked with abdominal cramping, vomiting and diarrhoea. After a day or so, the symptoms die down and the sufferer recovers, gets up from his bed and thanks God for His mercy. But he has not been saved. Silently, secretly, the poison is invading his body, shutting down his internal organs, wreaking irrevocable damage upon his liver and kidneys. Jaundice will follow, then seizures. Within two weeks, he will be dead. There is no antidote.

Not great. Anyway, it’s surprisingly cold here already and last week we had our first hard frost — so I guess I won’t be really warm again until next April. Maybe that also means that the fall storms are already over and our power will stay on. Which is good, because I still haven’t out anything resembling a go-bag together, even if there are plenty of lists and tested gear options available.

It being this cold though makes going to bed a lot cozier because let’s face it, you can always add more layers to reach the perfect temperature. Not so in the summertime. And while I sleep like a rock, apparently it’s not that recent a thing for bonded humans to share a bed and while I remember in the very beginning not being able to sleep because I the other person’s breathing would keep me up I’ve gotten over that a long long time ago. And if that doesn’t help, the bitter bitter craft beers will.


I was actually thinking about one more thing — the fall of the Berlin Wall, which just had it’s 25th anniversary and the Germans did a very cool light installation that night. I’ve lived in Berlin most of my live, aside from my entire high school years, which were spent in the mountains in the south of Germany, but that’s another story. After which I moved back to Berlin again and stayed there until moving to the US. When the wall came down I was 11 years old, so I was old enough to remember the whole thing. Maybe not old enough to clearly understand the implications, but I got that it was a big deal and driving or walking into the Eastern Part — I was a Wessie — the difference was striking. The smell of the coal ovens, everything falling apart, Trabants and Wartburgs everywhere…shortly after that I was sent to the south of Germany and spent my teenage year there, so I wasn’t really in Berlin as things changed in the ‘wild 1990s’…

Sunday Papers 11-9-2014



As in every fall and winter I’m kinda sick and kinda not and woke up with the sniffles today, so that’s fun. I also tried some Four Loco last Friday and shit, that stuff is absolutely disgusting. It’s also been a week of not going to the gym in order to give my shoulder a rest. I’m doing my exercises and the PT things it’s both an irritated AC joint issue and a frayed joint capsule (I have no idea if I’m phrasing this right, but hey, I’m not a doctor), none of which is the end of the world, but it’s an injury that needs to heal.

It’s tough not going to the gym though.

And one thing I really hate about going to a doctor in the US is that they never give you a straight answer or suggestion. It’s all vague and indirect because I guess they are afraid to get sued BUT I PREFER SOME EUROPEAN DIRECTNESS!!! If I’m not supposed to do something, fucking tell me. Don’t say, “Well, it’s your decision if you want to do XYZ…” — NO!


Speaking of working out, this article on strongmen is a nice little read for the weekend. This is very far from anything I’d attempt or would want to do, but it’s pretty neat.

Jeff Sharlet posts short vignettes on nightshifts on his Instagram that are collected here and here.

After listening to The Last Round interview with Mike Tyson I started reading his autobiography and both are worth it, even if you are not a boxing fan (which I’m not). Tyson was such a presence when I was younger there was no way you could not know his name. Which is crazy, if you think about it.

If you like comics and things like that, there’s a long long profile of Frank Miller on Grantland. And speaking of comics, thanks to @spinetree lending me his tablet (which for some reason refuses to charge when I plug it in), I’m finally reading The Walking Dead and let me tell ya — the comic is so much better and faster paced than the TV show. Completely different animals, those two.

Oh, and before I forget, Black Light Ascension‘s new album came out and it’s rad and you should get it.

Sunday Papers 10-26-2014



I like roasted chicken as much as the next person, but while it’s hard to really fuck up it’s also easy to just have it come out ‘okay.’ So yesterday I made beer can chicken just to read, as it was in the oven, that the whole beer can chicken thing is somewhat bullshit, aside from the fact that having the chicken sit on its butt makes for a more even (and faster) roast. It tasted okay, but I think the next time I might just invest in one of vertical roast contraptions. Speaking of food, I’ve come across these DIY instant noodle recipes and, if I can get myself to do it I might just try making these.

Anyway…I don’t have a Sirius subscription so I have to take advantage of the rare opportunities out there and it turns out Howard Stern’s interview with Bill Murray is put up on Soundcloud!



In other, more personal news, we had to take the kitty to the vet, which is never fun for anyone, even though she’s relatively calm and collected, if not excited. That’s better though than having a cat that fights tooth and nail to not get into the carrier, not get touched by the vet, and so on. She got her shots, everything’s in order and the kitty is doing fine fine fine.

As usual, with a flip of the switch, fall is here and it’s windy and grey and rainy and chilly and I’m happy we have a car this time around.

Also, to toot my own horn, episode 2 of It’s Unclear is available and you can subscribe and download it on iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud, whatever you prefer. We talk about Halloween stuff, so this week would be perfect to listen to it, if you haven’t done so already!

Sunday Papers 10-19-2014



Oh no, did I miss a weekend? Turns out I did. One big news item for some of you might be that after years and years there is a new Godflesh album and Justin Broadrick has his reasons. He talks a lot about feelings and anger and such and to round it up with something about the sad stuff, here’s an interview with Ward Pendleton about why he stopped making Adventure Time. (Well, not really, but kinda.)

Also, speaking of music, I’m really digging Seefeel these days.

Having The Sads is not fun but one movie and person who really gave me some perspective and is also an inspiration for many is Jens Pulver and if you haven’t watched his documentary Driven you really really have to.

Let’s keep it dark, because Halloween is upon us, shall we! Apparently clowns have a huge image problem because, well, we made them creepy. And while I couldn’t care either way about clowns, what creeps me out is William Langewiese writing about airplane accidents, pilots, and technology.

For something comparably light, here’s David Fincher talking about movies and working with Brad Pitt.

That’s all folks! It’s been busy.