Some more Resolutions for this year

I think I need to add some resolutions for this year:

  • get stronger
  • work on cardio/conditioning
  • work on grips

During the last three weeks my gas tank was so empty that I just could not go on anymore and it was a humbling and frustrating experience. It’s probably a mix of not being smart about using my energy and burning it doing unnecessary things, like pushing where I don’t need to push, pulling where holding would do, etc. and, well, not enough cardio.

I also want to work on my grip strength, because I’ve noticed that open guard and especially spider guard is burning through my grips really fast and I’m left with what feels like five sausages at the end of my hands instead of fingers.

So I started doing Tabata Circuits, some bodyweight and grip training, and hope this will pay off over the next year. This is not the first time I’m trying to work out at home and so far I haven’t had a lot of success with it. However, the difference this time is that it is actually purpose-driven, so maybe that will make a difference.

We’ll see.


[UPDATED] New Year, shnew year.

This is the obligatory New Year’s resolutions, year in review, yadda yadda post, I guess. Might be a shorty.


  • We all found work, which is good, we found a place to stay, which is good, we are finally able to have a cat and got one from the shelter, which is great. She’s awesome.
  • I started going to CSW classes in January and BJJ classes in…April I think? It has since become a huge, all-consuming rabbit hole and passion of mine. I stopped going to Savate classes, partly because my knees where starting to hurt (due to shoddy technique on my part) and, to be honest, I don’t like getting hit in the face. I really don’t. And it seemed like the time invested in getting better was out of proportion to how passionate I felt about it and after getting my Green Gloves I made my peace with it and stopped. Now it’s all grappling, all the time.
  • I lost about 15 lbs., went down two sizes in pants, and am probably in better shape in my mid-thirties than I’ve ever been.
  • Unfortunately, a mid-thirties body ain’t no young body no more and I severely jacked up my neck with a bulging disk and have been going to PT and doing my PT exercises to squeeze it back in. From what it looks like, inverted guards won’t be part of my game.

Looking back at my goals post from January 2013 I didn’t do so badly, actually!


  • Getting more settled in with all the stuff it includes…more on that as it develops. Maybe a car (barf). Got a car. It’s great, But I guess I’m walking less now, because it’s oh so much easier to drive.
  • Keep going to class, roll more, go to more open mats! I did continue to go to class like a clockwork. I did go to some open mats, but really not that many. That’s okay. 
  • Be more consistent about Yoga. It’s good for me, but I have trouble doing these things on my own and not in a class. As going to an extra gym is pretty much out of the question I need to shut up and do it. The same goes for doing some kind of conditioning/strengthening program. Meeehhh, I did do some Yoga but nowhere near as consistent as I had planned to. I do have a stretching routine that I do before class and I foamroll pretty consistently though. 
  • Tentatively start looking for career options again. Probably something for later this year. This one has to continue in earnest in 2015. 😦
  • Maybe start competing. I’ve told myself that after I get my first stripe I’ll start to look into this, so this is somewhat conditional on me feeling like I want to see where I am at in a comp setting. Nope. 2014 was unfortunately the year of injuries, with a bulging disc in my neck and a frayed muscle in my shoulder. I’m still interested in competing, but I have to talk to my new instructor about it, because I can’t afford (literally and figuratively) to get hurt badly. 
  • Be more picky about what seminars I visit. They’re expensive and if it’s focusing on stuff I’m not familiar with at all I’m really not feeling like I’m taking anything away from them. So this year, if it ain’t grappling, I ain’t goingYep. Stuck to this. 
  • Finally drive over to the Pacific Coast, because it’s beautiful! This definitely has to go on the 2015 list, now that we have wheels. 
  • I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the fermentation stuff, but I do want to try some of the herbal concoctions from The Mountain Rose Blog, especially the Fire CiderDid that. It kinda gold old fairly quickly and with all that fermentation experimenting I did I still can’t get over the smell of it. 

So, that’s it with the resolution for 2014. Let’s see how it will go!

Some resolutions

I know it’s already almost February, but, come on, just a couple! It’s nice to have some way marks along the way. I guess this is more a to-do list than anything else. Here goes:

  • Test for my next rank in Savate, which would be Green Gloves.
  • Test for my next regular rank, 1.2.
  • Find work that’s actually fun and pays bills. Not so sure on the fun part, but it pays the bills and could be worse.
  • Buy a car.
  • Find an apartment
  • Boundaries. This year is a Germany Xmas year, so I have to come up with a game plan. Not looking forward to this particular project. This got tackled somewhat by not going. Turned out to be a good choice.
  • Keep a diary again. In some sense, blogging here has replaced keeping a diary and, actually, I haven’t had one for years now. However, it would be nice to have a record, so I’m experimenting with Day One and Momento. It’s not a paper diary, it is not, but maybe it’s worth trying. I like the idea to have location & weather and other data available with the entries. Well, kinda…I kept blogging, so that’s something.
  • Brew some beer again! This is contingent on us getting our own place and, considering the temperatures here, this might be a summer project.
  • Keep working out, i.e. sticking to going to the martial arts gym, working out at home, etc. Eating well. The whole nine yards.

These are all pretty attainable goals, so if nothing unforeseen happens, I might actually keep these resolutions! They’re nice action items, are they not? 😉

[updated Jan 2014]

New Years Reso…ah, fuck that.


I didn’t really keep with mine from last year and I’m pretty sure you didn’t either.[1] So what’s with the guilt? No resolutions for this happy camper for 2012. Well, except that I have to go to the gym again. But that’s really more of a realization than a resolution.

And I need to find a new job. And move 3,000+ miles. More on that once things become more concrete.

Speaking of work though, looking back 2011 has been a year of devastating frustration. I’m glad this period will be over pretty soon and let’s hope I’m not jumping from the frying pan into the fire. But I’m glad for the experience and knowing what you don’t want is almost as good as knowing what you want, no?

Other things that happened in 2011: a bunch of friends moved away, which was sad. A found a bunch of new friends, which was nice, but also inherently sad, because I have to leave them behind soon. To which all I can say is, remember how we laughed. Looking back, it was really a year of losses, big and small. On the other hand, we are starting a new chapter in our lives and while this is scary it’s also exciting.

I cut my hair three weeks short of the end of the year. The long hair thing just got too annoying, especially after the hot summer, and I rarely wore it open anyway, so; it’s short-hair time again. Sooo much easier to take care of.

This year I also de-activated my Facebook account, because it just got too creepy, and it feels like being locked out of the party. But that’s okay. Every couple of weeks I’m tempted to re-activate it, but then I read something about Facebook’s privacy changes, interface changes, or what have you, and then I just can’t be bothered. I tried the Google+ thing, but man, that sure didn’t work out. So I don’t know, maybe I will be back, maybe I won’t. If I’m back, it’s all The Roc‘s fault. Fuck you, sheeple! I’m back on and learned about the lost toad-purse!!! And babies!!!!! You all thought you could keep me in the dark, but no more!!!!!! (Just in case though, Facebook Cookie Killer (Chrome) is being utilized quite often.)

The Wife is quilting and I’m needle-felting little friends that she says “look disturbing”. Speaking of which, very happy to have The Wife with me. 🙂

No new musical discoveries, although I’ve really dug Popol Vuh in the last third of 2011.

Anyway, even though my 2011 was more of the ‘meh & good riddance’ variety I hope your 2011 was okay and things went the way you hoped they would. If you can get off your butts and write I post about it on your blog I’d be delighted to read and comment on it.

[1] So I just looked at that post and that’s actually not 100% true. I did brew beer and I did take more photos. I did write more, mostly here thanks to the 2011 post a week challenge. However, I did not work out more and while my work-life balance is better, I’m still not handling stress that well.

Backwards is the new Forward!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Yep, that’s me! As always, I’m waaay behind schedule, but better late than never — so here’s the 2010-in-review-post combined with my New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s do the latter first, because that’s easy. And they also, sadly, don’t vary that much from year to year. So, here goes:

  1. Exercise more. Seriously, especially since I started to work full-time things have gotten out of hand. So it’s back to running and calisthenics again.
  2. Take more photos. I’ve been especially bad about this last year, partly because I did little else except working, partly because I feel there is just not that much to take photos of where I live. So for 2011 I thought I’d start doing one of those 1 photo per day thingies. I probably won’t be able to upload the photo promptly on the day I took it, so there will be some backlog. [I already fucked that one up, but what the heck…] However, those photos go here. The idea is simply to take more photos, period, so don’t hate on me, suckers.
  3. Write more. Here and offline.  I also want to work on storytelling, so I want to do some research into traditional folk tales as well practice life-storytelling — no idea how that project will go…I took a week-long workshop/retreat last year, so something should have stuck…
  4. Be more creative. From what it looks like, The Wife and I will stay in that dreaded East Coast town for at least another 10-12 months, so I have to figure out a way to make things more fun for me. So I want to continue to work on some of the stuff I started in the last couple of weeks, with is doing some woodworking & whittling, as well as painting.
  5. Be more bad-ass about my work-life-balance. Seriously, the last three months were just a killer, with a lot of work in the evenings and on weekends, which — to that extend — is not part of my contract and really started taking a toll on my private life. Essentially, I only slept and worked and that’s not the way I want it to go this year. So I need to do some more far-sighted planning when scheduling trainings, etc., and be more strict about what I’m willing to do and what not.
  6. And finally — brew some fucking beer. I’ve been a terrible bum about this.

Now that that’s out of the way, what about 2010? Overall, last year went pretty well work-wise. I got a full-time job after working part-time for a couple of months and not being able to find work at all for the months before that. The best part is that I’m putting skills on my résumé that are all transferable, so finding work somewhere else will hopefully be easier than it was a year ago.

Life-wise things have also been going well. I got to know a bunch of great people and overcame my neurotic tendencies and had those people over for stew-dinners, chicken-dinners, and what not. It was fun and not as stressful as I’d thought these things would be. So that’s going to continue in 2011.

On the downside, this town did not grow on me at all over the last year, even though I’m much more involved in ‘town-business’ than before. And that says a lot, I think. And I’m not alone in this opinion. Being on the West Coast for a couple of weeks got The Wife and I talking again about options, but these kinds of decisions depend on a number of things (job opportunities, first of all…) so I we will stay on the East Coast at least until Fall or Winter this year.

So, yeah, 2011 starts with some mixed feelings.