Okay, maybe there is a resolution for the year, of sorts…

…decluttering! We have too much stuff and it’s stressing me out, but it’s so fucking hard to get rid of things! And I did manage to shlep a surprising amount across the pond when I moved to the US and it’s only gotten more. And I’ve come across a series of posts on Root Simple about decluttering and I guess I’ll start in earnest.

It’s hard. Books especially. It’s not only that I have some sort of connection to the particular books, but also because I remember how difficult it was to get them or they were expensive. I’ll probably not get rid of books that are out of print now, like the edition of Apocalypse Culture that I own, but there is a lot of other crap that I might as well get rid of. On Root Simple one guideline they used to sort books out was;

The book was released to the universe if:

I had read it and absorbed the information
* The library has a copy
* It does not give me joy
* I don’t think I’ll ever read it
* My interests have changed
* I read part but don’t think I’ll read the rest
* I kept the book if:

It’s a volume I refer to for reference on a regular basis
* It gives me joy
* It’s especially beautiful as an object (only one or two books actually ended up in this category–I’m not a book collector)
* I really intend to read it
* I want to re-read it

This seems like a pretty straightforward way of doing it and I’ve had some success. It did need several sweeps of the bookshelf over several weeks, but I have gotten rid of a bunch of books, even though some are still in the eternal limbo of ‘maybe’. However, it’s a good start, and ebooks (did I ever mention that I love my kindle?) are a great way to reduce book clutter, as well, especially because the library offers a lot of books in e-book formats, as well. So now I’m also becoming a lot more picky about what books to actually get in physical form and the stuff that is suggested on Wink Books is the way to go!


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