Sunday Papers 11-24-2014

There’s no real update for the weekend because I’ve been traveling for work and was sick on top of it. Be that as it may, I did get the chance to walk around New Orleans a bit to see that part of it (ahem, Bourbon Street) is pretty awful, just like any tourist destination. There are some nice bars though, I don’t understand the way taxes work there, and the architecture is gorgeous, especially if you manage to get away from the main drag and tourist hotspots. There was also a surprising amount of homeless and street people thrown into the mix.

I now really wish that I had taken more photos but for some reason I didn’t, which probably makes me a very bad person. I did put some up on my Instagram, so feel free to poke around there. It’s not a lot, unfortunately, because I happened to be sick while I was there and was mostly trying to get one foot in front of the other. I’ve also started to play around with Snapchat, so add me as dadbeasty to see 5 second photos of cool stones and pebbles. And send me snaps of cool stuff, like a sweet leaves, fanny packs, and food items!

I did have the chance to squeeze some time in for reading, for example about medieval re-enactors that beat the shit out out of each other and string cheese, which is a snack I just recently discovered.

And that is all for this weekend.

I’m tired.


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