It is the season


5 thoughts on “It is the season

  1. I was at this gig – it was terrific. Would love to see them again. Too bad the video doesn’t include the visuals that were displayed behind them, a very hypnotic animation that must go back to at least 1950.

  2. Thas’s funny. I have been searching for some articles about drone flying and I ended up here. Does this band have anything to do with Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble? It has a very similar aesthetic and even the music resembles them quite a lot. Which does not mean I don’t like them. On the contrary. I absolutely love them.

    • I think it’s the same group of people, The Mount Fuji incarnation is an improv project, the Kilimanjaro incarnation is more structured. Both are great, aside from them and Bohren & Der Club of Gore I don’t know any bands who make music like that.

      • Great. I already know Bohren & Der Club of Gore, and you are right their style is something that is unique. After listening to MountFuji, I feel like it is more noisy, as it approaches more experimental music rather than jazz. But it is great and relaxing as well.

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