Sunday Papers 11-2-2014

I’ve finally taken advantage of my Audible trial and got a book about Elizabethan culture and in the first five minutes already some man’s nose was bitten off in a fight and eaten. Good stuff. Usually I think audiobooks are way to long to listen to, but I’ve been interested in that book and free is not too bad, even though it means I’ll have to listen to 17 hours of it.

Otherwise there’s really not much happening and I’m definitely not looking forward to this coming week because it already shaping up to be a pigfucker of a one. The good news, I guess, is that my shoulder is not separated, but there is a joint injury, low-level, but still, and it’s giving me grief. In addition to the always nagging disc issue. So I’m going to see the physical therapist on Monday, get some exercises, and according to the doc it should feel better after a couple of weeks. If not, well, then it’s bad news bears, but let’s cross that bridge when we get there.

However, I did somehow dig up this old post from 2011 about podcasts and thought, well, that could need some updating. So the ones that I’m currently listening to are, in a very particular order:

And, of course, there’s also my own podcast, It’s Unclear, which, well, I don’t know, you might enjoy as well. Come on, it’s free as in free beer, you got nothing to lose and all to gain!

PS: Better late than never, here are some reviews of cat costumes.

  1. A very mixed bag this one. I usually just listen to the ones where the guest interests me, because they are otherwise just too long and unedited. The interview with Bas Rutten is amazing, and the one with Louis Theroux is great, as well, for example. 

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