Sunday Papers 10-19-2014


Oh no, did I miss a weekend? Turns out I did. One big news item for some of you might be that after years and years there is a new Godflesh album and Justin Broadrick has his reasons. He talks a lot about feelings and anger and such and to round it up with something about the sad stuff, here’s an interview with Ward Pendleton about why he stopped making Adventure Time. (Well, not really, but kinda.)

Also, speaking of music, I’m really digging Seefeel these days.

Having The Sads is not fun but one movie and person who really gave me some perspective and is also an inspiration for many is Jens Pulver and if you haven’t watched his documentary Driven you really really have to.

Let’s keep it dark, because Halloween is upon us, shall we! Apparently clowns have a huge image problem because, well, we made them creepy. And while I couldn’t care either way about clowns, what creeps me out is William Langewiese writing about airplane accidents, pilots, and technology.

For something comparably light, here’s David Fincher talking about movies and working with Brad Pitt.

That’s all folks! It’s been busy.


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