Sunday Papers 9-21-2014 — this is a bleak one, friends.

The Icelandic Police Dept. is on Instagram. You might want to follow them after reading this post to remember that the world can also be a happy place.

When I was still in school I was fascinated by prison writing and the dynamics of closed communities and total institutions and really dug Erving Goffmann‘s work. This article about prison gangs really reminded me of a lot of the stuff I read back then and if you’re familiar with the topic or not it’s an interesting article on the other end of the spectrum of shows like Lock Up and the like. Which are a guilty pleasure of mine, as well.

Diseases move between humans and animals and if you ask me, nothing good can come of this. On the other hand, if you follow Extinction Symbol you can’t help but start thinking that no humans on this planet might not be the worst thing for the planet.

extinction symbol

And quite frankly, as apparently celebrities are regarded as authorities on pretty much everything in this country, like the need for immunizations,for instance, a major culling of the herd might be just around the corner. And, while I mentioned before that I’m all for natural burials, I’m not sure if I’m 100% on board with the idea of turning humans into compost, but I guess extreme conditions demand extreme responses.

Whew, this is a bleak one! Prisons, disease, death, spanking…but sometimes that’s the way it is.

And, last but not least, a new episode of our podcast, It’s Unclear, is about to drop soon, so fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen. If you missed the inaugural episode, you can subscribe and download it here on iTunes. If you like it, let us know!, leave a review, and, most importantly, tell a friend!


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