Sunday Papers 9-14-2014


While I actually don’t remember opening that website, I found myself reading a long article about the largest body farm in the US. If you want to be pecked apart by vultures and other animals, they take donations!

As I’ve found out when I was research natural burial sites — the way I want to be disposed of — getting buried the way you want is actually quite a tricky business and considering that there’s only one place in the state of Washington where you can do that I can just imagine the hassle to leave this world by getting flayed and then eaten by vultures if it’s not part of your country’s culture. But even if it is, if the vultures are disappearing, things get more difficult.

This week we also finalized the whole car-thing and went on our first trip this weekend, like real adults! It was a small trip to Snoqualmie Falls, but considering how our usual road trips go (which is: badly with lots of missed exits and getting lost and closed venues), we thought it was best to start small. And I’ve wanted to go up there again for a long time. It’s not that far and it’s not even a hike (plus, on a nice day it’s also over-run with tourists) but ever since I’ve watched Twin Peaks back in Germany the falls have somehow been “The Northwest” for me, with all the weirdness and gloominess of David Lynch’s show.

So that was nice. I think we’ll do more of this.


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