Sunday Papers 9-7-2014…slipping slipping slipping


Here I am, thinking that doing this regularly on Sunday would be easier, but the last two weekends where busy busy busy! Last weekend we decided to go ahead and buy a car, which turned out to be more stressful than I expected (or maybe was just as stressful as it will always be) so the Saturday was completely out and on Sunday we, like responsible adults, started buying Christmas presents for family abroad, which ate up pretty much the rest of the weekend.

So there. No time to read on the internet and stuff the results down your hungry little maws!

Something else that made the last week and weekend different than others was that I developed (and it seems like dodged) a cauliflower ear. If anything is gnarly, it’s more on the inside and not the rim of the ear, so from an aesthetic perspective that’s good I guess. What I didn’t expect was how much it hurt. I’ve had bruised ears before and while not great it’s not really painful. But caulis….holy fuck. That hurts. Oaf that I am I didn’t connect the dots and still went to class, bringing headgear, and while the gear is not bad it’s not really staying but either. Granted, it wasn’t exactly high quality headgear, so I might be in the market for something more sturdy. I didn’t drain it, partly because I noticed it so late and partly because I couldn’t really see what was going on, but I think it must have — brace yourselves — popped at some point and drained itself. Sick nasty, I know, but it sounds a lot worse than it was. Overall, not a great experience.

Speaking of cars, even though I’ve learned how to parallel part and can probably pull it off, I hate and I’m not feeling comfortable doing it at all, but thanks to math and science, someone has calculated exactly how it should work.

I’ve been getting these ebook bundles for a while and as it is these things it’s a grab bag of good and bad stuff. However, I just read the first book of the Sandman Slim series, which was part of a Humble Book Bundle I think, and really like it. I’m not a huge fan of urban fantasy, but this one works great, it’s set in an interesting world, has a nicely flawed protagonist, and is just fun. But if reading is not your thing, A Better Queue is sorting your Netflix queue in a way that actually shows you stuff that you might want to see and that has good ratings and that you didn’t know before. Dig it!

No longer articles or other kinds of reading material this time, because I’ve been busy and sick.

But hey — WE HAVE A CAR!


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