Sunday Papers 7-24-2014

After linking to it before (I think) Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band are working on an album! This is great stuff and very well worth your $6!

There is something every German knows and believes Native Americans are all about — Karl May‘s Winnetou books. It’s funny, because on the one hand this is the way Germans learn about America (never mind the fact that it’s completely fictional) and it’s an author and a whole corpus of stories that is completely unknown in America. That, and that there is a very active Native American re-enactment culture in Germany. A lot of this is covered in this NYT Video about exactly that, including the usual naive/casual racism and cultural insensitivity that the Germans are often known for.

It’s still busy-timez for me and I can’t wait until next month, when things should quiet down again. I’m working on a second podcast with a friend and we’re desperately stuck in the struggle to find a name, which is driving me a little nuts. How can I not think of a good name?! We are two episodes down already and they’re sitting on my hard drive waiting to be christened. Pathetic.

And as we’re moving again into the darker months of the year, you might want to know how and why you’re getting hooked on coffee.


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