Sunday Papers 8-17-2014


This is pretty much the busiest time of the year for me, so bear with me as we crawl towards fall. One good thing about the PNW is that there are not a lot of annoying insects here — I have no idea why that is, but I don’t question a good thing. However, it’s never a bad idea to keep up to date with the latest bug killing gear. Just in case.

Speaking of bug hunting, here are some weekend ephemera about xenomorphs, because you know you want to know about this.

I think the TV show The Walking Dead is a terribly mixed bag of zombie action (good!) and straight-up soap opera dramarama with zombies in the background (bad.) and while I gather that the comics are different they are way out of my price range at this point. But I do keep my eyes out for sales and stuff and The Walking Dead game was on sale on Steam for $5 a while back and I was curious about it. One the one hand I think it’s a bit too scripted for my taste with looong, not skip-able scenes just to get up and down a ladder, but the characters are for the most part great, the dialogues are great, and DAMN YOU DIFFICULT MORAL CHOICES!

There are some other things in the works, maybe a second podcast in addition to the other one, new episodes, all kinds of things. Sometimes things move slower than you’d want them to (humans!! Grrr!), but things are moving, so there’s that.

And as a bonus, there’s a review article on Wirecutter concerning dish soap which will answer ALL questions you didn’t know you’ve had about cleaning dishes.


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