Sunday Papers 8-10-2014

We’re looking more seriously into buying a car, which is a pain in the ass and I hate it and I wish it would just fall into my lap…like that’s going to happen. Anyway, here are your Sunday papers!

I’ve never been particularly afraid of clowns and I might even venture that this fear is something very American, because I don’t remember clowns being a scary trope in Germany, although I can see how they can be. That is exactly one of the problems clowns talk about when they are at their clown convention. And one of my favorite short stories that was published in the New Yorker years ago probably doesn’t help.

While re-enacting and LARPing and all these things escape me a bit, those ferocious collectors can, if they are serious, collect a bunch of neat stuff and if you line it up next to each other, like, for example, soldier’s gear through the ages, you get something pretty neat.

Some linguists are studying the development of super-dialects on Twitter, but hey, if you want to read an ESL grumpy German tweet about stuff you can also just follow me, hehe. And if you want to hear me, download the inaugural episode of my podcast about stuff and things (iTunes : Soundcloud).


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