Sunday Papers 8-3-2014

This one’s late, because we were in another state for family bidness and I finally got a pedicure! But better late than never, so here are your Sunday papers!

You might or might not know that I’m suffering from a bulging (or even prolapsed/slipped) disc in my neck. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse, but it’s never really away. So information about how the spine works is always welcome, especially in connection with good posture and BJJ.

Just when you think you’ve know everything, guess what — there is a surprising amount of marching band fan fiction. But hey, whatever floats your boat, as they say.

This week has been busy work-wise, so instead of picking one particular soundtrack, I’ll just direct you to The Sound of Cobra and let you suffer through making the choices and explore some new music! And if this is not chill enough for ya, download Warren Ellis‘ ambient podcast Spektrmodule and coast towards next Friday evening. Oh, and speaking of podcasts, a friend of mine and I recorded the first episode of our podcast, It’s Unclear (iTunes : Soundcloud), and it’s amazing, so download and listen to it RIGHT NOW!


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