Sunday Papers 7-20-2014

A slowed-down Sponge Bob theme song is like 1,000 bad trips. Enjoy.

I’m okay with dogs, but I’ve had some experiences as a kid that make it difficult for me to truly trust a dog and feel safe around one. In other words, I’m definitely a cat person. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like dogs and one of the breeds I’d consider getting if I were to get a dog would be a pit bull. They’re pretty, yet their position in American culture is…complicated.

Oh, and if you are even remotely interested in video games and puzzles you probably have played Portal and Portal 2 (and if not shame on you!) and because things are not over ’til they’re over there is a semi-official mod out for around five bucks where it’s all about gels. And while we are talking about shame on you, pile on an extra helping of it if you haven’t heard of Maria Bamford, but you can remedy it by reading this profile of her (and use one of your precious NYT tokens) and then spend five lousy bucks and download her special. And if you already have Netflix, you can watch it just like that.

You know you are curious about what actually happens physiologically when you catch a kick or punch into the groin. I know I am.


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