Sunday Papers 7-13-2014


This is the evil hug that is summer. I don’t mind the light and the blue skies but fuck this heat. Seriously. Heat and summer and sweat remind me of the jungle and the jungle reminds me on disease, so what’s better summer reading than the Longform’s archive of articles on disease?

On their blog is also a long-ish article about using food as a mnemonic device and while the rest of the article for some reason is about food for astronauts, I think the idea of chronicling your food intake (even though this is literally as old as the internet) is kinda interesting. I’m always getting sucked into that whole life-tracking shtick that involves gimmicks and, as The Wife says, if you have to say “it’s not a gimmick!” — it’s a gimmick. That being said, the Jawbone UP is on sale for about $70 right now.

In other news, it’s still being hard being a women on the internet, because humans suck. If you want to keep the nice places on the internet up, consider donating to or funding MetaFilter, because they’re in somewhat of a pickle.

And if you’re worried about wearable technology and crowd control, well, you should be.


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