Sunday Papers 7-6-2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.32.35 AM

I’ve mentioned over and over again to friends that I could not believe, of find it hard to believe, that a morbidly obese body is supported by a regular-size skeleton, but this is, of course, the case and proven by science.

Speaking of food, genetically (re-)engineering plants is probably not the worst path to keep us from starving and as long as they come with pretty scientific illustrations I’m all for it. And I’ve just recently had a conversations with a friend about eggs and the protective qualities of the film on their shells that — in America — is removed by ‘cleaning’ them in the factories and turns these little guys into bacteria machines.

I have said before that I pretty much try to read everything by Mary Roach and this article on hot chili peppers is no exception. The same goes for William Langewiesche and after you’ve read his article on the Camorra you might want to work your way through the archive of articles.

Because of my previous work I’m interested in the prison-industrial complex and inner-city poverty and crime and this excerpt of a book by Alice Goffmann reminded me oh so much of it.


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