Sunday Papers 6-29-2014

This is already old news but the discussion about Gi vs. No Gi seems to be a big deal and there are a lot of big opinions. I personally prefer Gi, if only it allows me to slow things down a bit. However, that did prevent me from acquiring a shiner on the left eye in the Gi and one in the right eye with No Gi two days later, so what do I know. Anyway, here’s an interview with Eddie Bravo post-Metamoris 3 and he makes a lot of sense and frankly, I don’t really get why this is such a big deal.

I’m going through phases with video games and while I suck at any kind of strategy game, a game where you’re main goal is primarily not to starve has an interesting premise. Also, there are giants.

Coil has been one of my all-time favorite bands and Iron Mike seems to agree.

All my co-workers (and a surprising number of Americans in general) are following the World Cup and can’t stop talking about it. Not me though, no no no, my friends, I’m reading about Giant Squid and Octopuses

Anyway, I will try to update this blog more than with a weekly ‘What did I read’ post (although something like Warren Ellis’ Morning Computer won’t happen), but these days I’m just not feeling very talkative. That might change in a New York minute though.

Oh, and if you like SciFi and Crime books, there are two pay-what-you-want bundles of ebooks available on Storybundle, so if you have a hankering for books, you might want to take a look. And if you have the technical capabilities to read ecomics (I don’t,) there is a HUGE bundle of them available on the Humble Bundle site.


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