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All the pretty little fears

Everybody has fears, pretty little fears that usually are also a little irrational. Here’s my current list.

  • Home invasion. Pretty self-explanatory. Happens apparently almost never, but I’ve seen too many episodes of ‘Lock Up’ to not be afraid.
  • Driving on a high bridge and having an accident that catapults the car with me inside it off the bridge.
  • Driving on the freeway and there’s a malfunction and the driver’s side airbag explodes into my face.
  • Getting beaten to death on the street or in a bar by people looking for trouble and who ignore any attempts at deescalating the situation.
  • Having a sink hole open beneath my feet. That’s a new one. Fuck. Or having your house slide down the hill. With you in it. Into a sink hole.

So these are the major ones right now and some of them have been with me for some time. I also used to have one where I’d eat a Döner Kebab and bite on a razor blade hidden inside of it. But that one is retired.

I’m sure this list will expand as the years go by.



  1. JA

    That scene in the James Bond movie where a piece of glass slides over the top of the swimming pool while you’re under water – that’s my recurring nightmare.

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