Sick Kitty


We’ve had a lot of cat-related issues over the last couple of weeks, which kept us pretty busy. I had noticed that the cat was unusually quiet and withdrawn and seemed to be having very low energy — she didn’t play, didn’t walk around or explore or hang out with us. And while she’s has always been a difficult eater, but it had gone down even more.

So we brought her to the vet who did a whole bunch of tests and the kitty had lost almost one pound since her last visit in November! The good news is that her kidneys are okay (apparently a classic issue for cats), as is her pancreas and overall the tests were good news. However, it turns out that she has a low-level inflammation in her bowels, which could be an allergic reaction or an irritable bowel. We got some special food from the vet and I’ve never seen her vacuum her food up as quickly as she did when we gave it to her! The condition is chronic, but it can go completely away with a special diet and could mean that at some point in the future she will need medication.

And seeing how quickly she perked up again once she started eating (and I assume eating food that doesn’t make her tummy hurt was a big part in that) is great. She still needs to be coaxed into eating sometimes though, so we partly hand-feed her some pieces and then she usually starts to dig in.

Yes. We have become those people!


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