Stuff and things and arms and legs

Unfortunately, just as the disc in my neck finally squished itself back in I managed to fuck up my arm. I have no idea what happened exactly, two weeks ago my shoulders got squished together while rolling and something got hurt and my arm, right at the point where my pec connects to the shoulder. It’s been getting better day by day, which is great, but it also meant that I’ve been sitting out for about 10 days now, which is driving me a little insane.

On top of things, work has been terrible this week because of reasons and it would have been really nice to have been able to roll and get rid of the stress and tension that way. I’m sure, well, I know there are good things happening at work, as well, but unfortunately I get involved when things go bad, which means in my perspective the bad stuff is much more present than the good stuff.

So I don’t know, I guess, within reason, I need to work on my perspective a little bit.



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