Some more Resolutions for this year

I think I need to add some resolutions for this year:

  • get stronger
  • work on cardio/conditioning
  • work on grips

During the last three weeks my gas tank was so empty that I just could not go on anymore and it was a humbling and frustrating experience. It’s probably a mix of not being smart about using my energy and burning it doing unnecessary things, like pushing where I don’t need to push, pulling where holding would do, etc. and, well, not enough cardio.

I also want to work on my grip strength, because I’ve noticed that open guard and especially spider guard is burning through my grips really fast and I’m left with what feels like five sausages at the end of my hands instead of fingers.

So I started doing Tabata Circuits, some bodyweight and grip training, and hope this will pay off over the next year. This is not the first time I’m trying to work out at home and so far I haven’t had a lot of success with it. However, the difference this time is that it is actually purpose-driven, so maybe that will make a difference.

We’ll see.


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