Things cats do


After 2-3 months now our cat has come into her own, I guess, and all the quirks and weird behaviors that make her ‘her’ are well and surely established:

  • When she’s sitting on my chest when I lay in bed, the butt goes on the face.
  • She makes absolutely no effort to not walk over my face when she wants to get to The Wife‘s side of the bed.
  • Every time she goes to the bathroom she makes a big announcement. A big, loud announcement and also announces when she’s done. It’s very loud.
  • She insists on playing in the main room, when we play with her and pull the string toy into one of the other rooms, she catches it and carries it back into the living room.
  • She likes to be pet, but when she’s had enough, she will take your hand with her paws and put them down. It’s pretty darn cute.

I was surprised that cats are a lot more sensitive to their surroundings than I expected. It took her a couple of months to really get used to being with us and being in our apartment. Cats are really more complex animals than we thought.

Which makes them all the more endearing.


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