[UPDATED] New Year, shnew year.

This is the obligatory New Year’s resolutions, year in review, yadda yadda post, I guess. Might be a shorty.


  • We all found work, which is good, we found a place to stay, which is good, we are finally able to have a cat and got one from the shelter, which is great. She’s awesome.
  • I started going to CSW classes in January and BJJ classes in…April I think? It has since become a huge, all-consuming rabbit hole and passion of mine. I stopped going to Savate classes, partly because my knees where starting to hurt (due to shoddy technique on my part) and, to be honest, I don’t like getting hit in the face. I really don’t. And it seemed like the time invested in getting better was out of proportion to how passionate I felt about it and after getting my Green Gloves I made my peace with it and stopped. Now it’s all grappling, all the time.
  • I lost about 15 lbs., went down two sizes in pants, and am probably in better shape in my mid-thirties than I’ve ever been.
  • Unfortunately, a mid-thirties body ain’t no young body no more and I severely jacked up my neck with a bulging disk and have been going to PT and doing my PT exercises to squeeze it back in. From what it looks like, inverted guards won’t be part of my game.

Looking back at my goals post from January 2013 I didn’t do so badly, actually!


  • Getting more settled in with all the stuff it includes…more on that as it develops. Maybe a car (barf). Got a car. It’s great, But I guess I’m walking less now, because it’s oh so much easier to drive.
  • Keep going to class, roll more, go to more open mats! I did continue to go to class like a clockwork. I did go to some open mats, but really not that many. That’s okay. 
  • Be more consistent about Yoga. It’s good for me, but I have trouble doing these things on my own and not in a class. As going to an extra gym is pretty much out of the question I need to shut up and do it. The same goes for doing some kind of conditioning/strengthening program. Meeehhh, I did do some Yoga but nowhere near as consistent as I had planned to. I do have a stretching routine that I do before class and I foamroll pretty consistently though. 
  • Tentatively start looking for career options again. Probably something for later this year. This one has to continue in earnest in 2015. 😦
  • Maybe start competing. I’ve told myself that after I get my first stripe I’ll start to look into this, so this is somewhat conditional on me feeling like I want to see where I am at in a comp setting. Nope. 2014 was unfortunately the year of injuries, with a bulging disc in my neck and a frayed muscle in my shoulder. I’m still interested in competing, but I have to talk to my new instructor about it, because I can’t afford (literally and figuratively) to get hurt badly. 
  • Be more picky about what seminars I visit. They’re expensive and if it’s focusing on stuff I’m not familiar with at all I’m really not feeling like I’m taking anything away from them. So this year, if it ain’t grappling, I ain’t goingYep. Stuck to this. 
  • Finally drive over to the Pacific Coast, because it’s beautiful! This definitely has to go on the 2015 list, now that we have wheels. 
  • I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the fermentation stuff, but I do want to try some of the herbal concoctions from The Mountain Rose Blog, especially the Fire CiderDid that. It kinda gold old fairly quickly and with all that fermentation experimenting I did I still can’t get over the smell of it. 

So, that’s it with the resolution for 2014. Let’s see how it will go!


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