A teeny tiny tourney

As part of a re-opening event my gym set up a small four person in-house “tournament” as a demonstration of one of the arts that the gym offers and I was asked if I wanted to take part in it, which is pretty cool, considering that I have just started in May this year. We were four white belts, one with one and one with three stripes.

I really dug it. I lost on points or by submission every time, but I had a really good time and the biggest win for me is that I was nervous but not anxious, could block the audience and everything else out, and just roll like I do in class. I’m still very much in survival mode and defense mode, so it was really not that different from rolling hard in class. My biggest concern was to be submitted within 20 sec, but that has not happened in a while and it didn’t happen during the match, which was nice.

Anyway, I’m stoked that I was asked to represent the school.

The wife took photos and it was really interesting to see the positioning, what I did and didn’t do, etc. For example, I got out of a triangle, passed guard, got into side control and had an Americana *right there* for the taking, but was so focused on passing and getting into position and catch my breath that I totally missed it. I was also a lot more exhausted than just rolling class, probably due to adrenaline and the intensity of the rolls.

So this was a good experience and I got my toes a little wet about competing, so I think once I can pull off a couple of sweeps I’ll start looking into competing.

I’ve gotten a lot better at transitioning between positions and after talking with some higher belts after rolling with them I’m also focusing primarily on getting into position and maintaining contact and pressure. I also need to work on my hip escapes. I’m worrying too much about my hips and neglect creating space with my arms, especially when they are pinned. That’s my homework.

Drilled side control to bicep slicer, standup guard pass to toe lock/ankle lock, and omoplata to bicep slicer or S mount. Good stuff.


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