Current to do list

I really need/want to work on these three things:

  • Escaping from side-control and recovering guard
  • Knee-on-Belly escapes and trying to avoid it in the first place, because I fucking hate it and we have some specialists at the gym that really really like it.
  • Grip figthing

These three things are the current banes of my rolling experience…or, better put (and paraphrasing Kurt Osiander); I keep fucking up in some way a lot earlier during the roll, so I need to learn where and — until I figured that out — how to escape from side control and knee-rides.


2 thoughts on “Current to do list

  1. I feel you on the side control man. To me, it’s even worse than full mount because the guy can really use his hips and sink his weight into you.
    Love Kurt Osiander btw, great paraphrase haha

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