The latest incident with my back turned out to be a close call. There are probably two ruptured discs, one in the neck that is causing the tingling and another one in the thoracic spine, which causes the cramp. I’ve gotten some exercises from the PT that really helped (actually it blows my mind how much and how quickly it helped) and according to her I have the bad/good luck that the injury punishes me immediately for bad posture. So I need to pay attention to sitting and standing with a straight back and maintaining ‘active posture.’

I’m noticing more and more how it’s really the little things that are important, like foam rolling, stretching (Yoga!), and generally taking care of your body outside of training. I also really like the Ginastica Natural flows and Swiss ball exercises for balance and stability.

And in a neat feat of synchronicity Stephan Kesting and Emily Kwok just released the fifth app in their BJJ series and it focuses on core stability. It’s great stuff and something I definitely need to focus on. It’s 50% off right now, no idea for how long that will last though. (Aside from that, Stephan shares so much info for free I don’t mind at all paying for some of his stuff.)


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