Tested for my Green Glove in Savate last weekend and it went okay; 1º Green Glove. However, deep inside, I know that I half-assed it and that I would’ve done better if I had put the time in, which I didn’t. I decided to spent more time doing BJJ and CSW and next to nothing on Savate. So I can’t really be mad, it’s more a issue thinking and feeling. I know why I didn’t do as well as I could’ve done because I didn’t train for it and prioritizing BJJ over Savate was a conscious choice. On the other hand, I feel bad that I didn’t spend more time preparing for the test and, I don’t know, I feel as if I didn’t really deserve the rank, if that makes any sense…

Plus, I also tweaked my knee after six hours of jumping around and got whacked in the face, as well, and as much as I like Savate it drove all the points home why I gravitate more to grappling:

  • I don’t like being punched in the face.
  • I’m not good at defending against punches to the face and get frustrated. Also, see bullet point one.
  • Whether it’s due to bum knees or bad technique (probably a combination of the two) my knees reminded me why I stopped going to kickboxing classes — it seems to be hard on my body and joints and I think I’ll be able to pursue BJJ a lot longer than kickboxing.
  • I really don’t like being punched in the face.
  • My passion for striking and kicking has somewhat waned and I couldn’t really get excited about it during the seminar. No idea if this is a temporary thing or permanent, but that’s where it’s at right now.

So while it was a great seminar, it was also somewhat bitter-sweet and I’m staying home today, safe but sorry.


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