A little note to myself…

…don’t wrist lock yourself when trying to get a collar choke on someone trying to/is passing your guard to get into side control.

Which is exactly what happened to me yesterday during a roll. My partner was about to pass my guard, I got a hand up into his collar, he tried to get into side control, I was doing who knows what to defend, there was a scramble, balance was lost, and he fell unto my hand and face with his full weight, bending my wrist inwards, while my elbow posted on the mat. He also fell on my face and my nose cracked a little and I thought “Fuck, I just broke my wrist”… turns out nose and wrist are not broken. Got him, iced and compressed the wrist and while it’s better, it still hurts when I put weight on it/bend it.

It sucks.

But that lesson definitely stuck in my head now: careful with those lapel chokes, grasshopper, you might get hurt in unexpected ways.

Anyway, I’ll put ice it some more tonight, let it rest, skip boxing (ha, talk about hitting a heavy bag with a hurt wrist!), tape it up tomorrow for class, and see how it goes.


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