Long weeks, not so close calls

A little different from the Hank III song, but still. This should go on for another week and then things should slow down again at work, which I’m really looking forward to. Plus, we’ve had family visit us for the last week, which meant no classes at all for me. I definitely felt the itch, but what can you do. I had to work during the day, so the only time really to spend time with them was in the evenings, so there was not much of a choice.

In addition to the grappling I’ve started prepping for the Savate Green Glove test in a month. It was fun doing Savate again, but time-wise I really have to decide between Savate and BJJ and right now the latter is where my interest lies. And I have to say, while kicking with your shoes on is one thing, kicking without your shoes is a whole different beast. At this point my distancing engrained for the toe-kicking, which works great with a Savate shoe, but does not work at all without. The result was a sprained big toe, which led me to switch over the BJJ in the first place. I’m torn into two directions, but if I’m realistic I will probably going to be able to do BJJ a lot longer than Savate, so there. However, I know the test material pretty well, so I think it should go well at least to secure the 1º of the next rank, if not more.

Anyway, it was fun rolling again after not being able to go for a week and I got the chance to roll with a black belt who teaches one of the day classes during the week. In the beginning we just free rolled, getting into position, he got a sub on, moved on, gave openings, etc. — then he cranked it up a notch and he was a small, stocky dude, but he used his weight like a surgeon…so did not feel so much like a panda bear sitting on your chest, but the weight of a panda bear condensed into an area the size of my palm.

On the chest.

Very uncomfortable.

Good to be back though.


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