Monkey Trap Problem

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks and it’s a funny coincidence that Jon mentioned it in a blog post of his a while back: the monkey trap parable. To let him summarize it:

In this folk tale, a monkey reaches into a jar to extract a tasty little morsel (probably a delicious Totino’s Pizza Roll), but can’t extract his hand without letting said tasty little morsel go. The result is, in some variations of the story, the dumbass monkey starves to death with food in his hand. In others, somebody walks up and bonks him on the head and then enjoys some savory monkey stew.

I know I do that, too, and I started to try and consciously remind myself that, if I notice that a submission or a choke or a bar doesn’t work (because of reasons), to not get fixated on it (i.e. not behave like a monkey!) but move on to something else, even if that means I’m giving up a dominant position.

And interestingly enough, last weekend I managed to hit my first triangle choke on someone by just going with the flow. I didn’t consciously go for it, the opportunity just presented itself and I could almost flow into it and tapped someone for the very first time (which felt pretty great, btw.). Otherwise it’s just plain old surviving the roll without getting tapped too often.

…And of course, the moment I get just a little cocky, I get stomped by a younger new and much more aggressive guy free rolling after class tonight and could barely hold my ground. Gee, those young bucks have an endless well of energy! After 15-20 minutes my tank was empty while he was still going strong. I did manage to get a triangle on again, on another dude, but, well…so, lesson learned: my cardio sucks and I have almost zero attacks.

So, that’s that.


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