After going to a couple of martial arts seminars this and last year I ended up with somewhat mixed feelings about them. Don’t get me wrong, usually I walk away with at least one nugget of knowledge or an AHA! moment…but that’s one out of 8+ hours of seminar time. And in the last two seminars there wasn’t really a clear curriculum posted before the seminar, so I went in pretty much blind. Maybe if I was more of a martial arts nerd I would’ve seen that coming, but I’m not and I didn’t. So in the future I will have to be a little more picky about this.

Another thing that is frustrating for me about seminars is that sometimes I’m not quick enough to secure a training partner I know and end up with a stranger who’s not from your school. I know this is part of the deal, but I like to know my training partners at least a little bit. Sure enough, I ended up with a relatively new person who hit harder than necessary, rushed through the drills, and felt a little like a loose cannon. Super nice dude, but he was nervous, a little uncoordinated, etc…

I don’t mind working with new people and am usually good at setting the pace so that there is not too much spazzing, but during a seminar when I also don’t know what the hell is going on half of the time I’d rather have someone at my level or above as my training partner.

So, yeah.


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