Small victories

For the first time I avoided getting tapped by another, pretty aggressive, white belt by solely concentrating on keeping him in my closed guard and controlling his hips or, when I ended up in his guard, maintaining posture. One of my instructors told me a while back to not worry too much about attacking at this point, but to focus on a tight closed guard and maintaining posture when in guard. Which is what I’ve started doing.

It wasn’t easy, because the dude’s stronger and bigger than I am but I was surprised that while keeping him in my guard I could actually ‘relax’ and see what he was trying to do and defend. I noticed that he immediately and aggressively goes for either a triangle, armbar, or lapel choke and gets really focussed on one of these submissions and tries to muscle through, even though the positioning for the triangle might be off or the arm is not locked in right for the armbar.

Who knows, chances are he’ll tap me again the next time, but I was pretty stoked after that roll and it was a great learning experience.

Small things, small victories.


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