Heading East, into the oven

We will spend the coming weekend out in Eastern Washington to attend some family business. In the middle of summer, which, over there, means temperatures around 40ºC.

It’s like stepping into an oven. Or pointing a blow dryer right at your face.

I don’t do heat. Even the 32ºC this side of the mountains last weekend were enough to put me into a raging mood. At least it wasn’t humid, but fuck…it was hot! And to top things off I pulled something in my back, or pinched a nerve, which pretty much hurts constantly.

Which is also why I’m taking the week off of training and I’m feeling the itch. Hard. I almost went to class yesterday but decided not to.

Because I’m an adult.

Here’s hoping I’ll be back on the mats on Monday.


1 thought on “Heading East, into the oven

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