To Gi or not to Gi

After taking CSW classes since the beginning of the year, which are No-Gi, I’ve finally gotten around to ordering a Gi (which was somewhat difficult because of my long arms) and take my first BJJ class. I really liked it and I like how the two classes complement each other. The Gi makes it so much more technical and deliberate, while the No Gi is faster and more slippery. My first thought after rolling the first time in a Gi was “Man, there sure are a lot of folds to hold unto and be pulled on…”

Anyway, now I’m sore all over, have bruises all over my body, including a hand-shaped bruise on my chest, but I dig it. A lot.

As far as Gis for long-armed people are concerned, I ordered the one from Piranha Gear and, after washing it and hemming the pants, it fits very well.


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