I thought for a long time that talk about people have vibes or some kind of energy would be crazy-hippy talk. However, over time, I’ve gotten to trust my gut feeling about people a lot more and it’s true — there are people who just have something about them where a little alarm bell goes off in the back of my head.

I especially notice it at the gym, because you work so closely with the other person you are simply exposed to a lot of their energy. Are they agressive, nervous, anxious…and there are a couple of people that just have something off about them. There is one person in particular whom I actively try to avoid. He seems like a nice enough person, but he doesn’t control his kicks or strikes very well, mixes different arts (which is really one of my pet peeves), and — of all the people — managed to kick me in the nuts more than any other person I’ve worked with.

Actually, he is the reason why I finally started wearing a cup to all the classes I go to.

I do have a suspicion that he might be high, or at least chemically altered, because there definitely is something going on there.


People a weird, man.


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