Caught up in teh woark

Man, it sure is a difference working full-time on a schedule again. That, and going to the gym almost every evening makes time precious and I rarely find the time to cook, read, or write here. Don’t get me wrong, having work is great and I enjoy the crap out of going to the gym, but there are all of a sudden a lot less hours in the day.


Things are going well; we’re buying a futon (yay! I still mourn the one I left with a friend in Germany and which got infested by scabies mites and had to be thrown away not even six months after I had left it) so we can finally stop sleeping on an air mattress. This is a big adult thing — buying a new, sensible mattress, high quality mattress (or futon, whatever) without cancer-causing flame retardants is a big adult thing to do. Because those things are fucking expensive.

We might be looking into buying a car again and The Wife got offered literally her dream job. Things are actually working out.

Wait, except one thing: I somehow hurt my shoulder. It sucks big time. Started last Saturday and has been going on since. Probably a rotator cuff issue. Which fucking sucks. I’m going to see a MEDIC! by the end of the week, here’s knocking on wood things are not too messed up.

And I made some pretty substandard soup for dinner tonight. Some things never change.


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