A new coffee maker

I’ve had the same stove-top coffee maker for over 10 years…well, almost 15 by now. Aside from having to replace the gasket and the sieve every couple of years it still works very very well. (It turns out that the manufacturers website is extremely helpful in figuring out the size of your gasket!) But it always takes me a while to notice that I need to replace these things and during that time I usually try out new coffeemakers. I had read a ton about the Aeropress and after a buddy of mine endorsed it and it happened to be on sale I got one last week.

That thing is pretty great. Makes very smooth coffee…almost too smooth. I still have to tweak the proportions a little to get it just right and I might be unusual in that I like my coffee with a little punch. That being said, that press does make pretty amazing coffee and you should definitely try it out.


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