Update on the chutney

An update on the raisin chutney; I opened it yesterday and tried it and it tastes like…chutney. However, the paste acts more as a transporter for the spices than an ingredient and considering the spices that went in it’s no surprise that it tastes like chutney. It didn’t really have time to ferment, as the recipe called for it sitting out for only two days, but it has mellowed and developed a tiny tang.

The Wife tried it and said it’s definitely something you’d put on meat (lamb, for example) and I agree; it’s a savory condiment for meat. It’s not too great on a cracker.

Anyway, while it doesn’t taste bad at all, I’m not sure if I like it.

Because you know what?

I don’t like chutney!

I never warmed up to sweet-savory mixes and how people can eat Preiselbeermarmelade with their pork roasts (was it pork? I think it might have been game…?) is beyond me.

But I have a glass of chutney now. Maybe I’ll try it with some sausages.


2 thoughts on “Update on the chutney

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