Fermenting raisins

Raisin Chutney

Because I went shopping for groceries while hungry I ended up with a kilo of raisins that was on sale and didn’t know what to do with it. I thought I’d put it in my cereal, but never really felt like what it needed were more raisins. So I asked around and one friend suggested making raisin chutney.

Now, that recipe involved fermenting the raisins with whey and my first thought was, ugh, that sounds like work. But I have been fascinated with fermented food since I read an article about Sandor Katz years ago. And this seemed like a nice, small-scale experiment. And it’s not like I’ve never fermented things on purpose before.

So after collecting whey from yogurt over the last couple of days I made the paste and tasted it before I filled it into the jars and it was very sweet. Way too sweet for my taste, to be honest. But then, if things go well, the bacteria are supposed to eat the sugars, right, so the whole thing should end up less sweet and kinda tangy.

Anyway, the paste is in the jars, they’re sealed and in a warm spot in the house, and all I can do is wait.


2 thoughts on “Fermenting raisins

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