Uff Uff Uff

One year older. Usually I don’t care much about birthdays and such, some felt great, a lot were terrible in some ways, so I just decided to not bother with them so much, no big celebrations, just a nice dinner with The Wife.

However, this time it bothers me and I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s not being in my twenties anymore, although I haven’t twentysomething in quite a while. I guess it’s just getting older that, in some ways, sucks. I listened to a WTF episode recently — forgot which one — and he said that one thing about getting older is where you figure out the messed up things you do that you can’t change. You do it again, think ‘ah, fuck, I did it again. fuck’ and that’s that. Noticing the flaws that might just be there to stay and realizing that the world is indeed no oyster.

Not that I ever had the impression that it was one. I always thought that was one of the most stupidest phrases around. What does it even mean? Full of protein? The majority of oysters don’t have a pearl in them, you know.

Fuck oysters.

Especially the fat ones.

Sometimes too much is too much.


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