Moving Time!


Good news! We found an apartment! Somewhat by chance, because I halfheartedly looked on Craigslist, saw one in the area, contacted the owners, met them and looked at the apartment, and got it! There are a couple of good and a couple of bad things, of course.


  • Facing south, corner apartment, which means tons of sun (when it’s sunny).
  • Two bedrooms (which I have learned actually means three rooms), nice kitchen, washer & dryer in the apartment.
  • Near bus lines.
  • Parking spot.
  • Fireplace….yes, A FUCKING FIREPLACE!


  • Carpet. Unfortunately, that seems to be a thing here.
  • I have no idea what the previous tenants were like, but one thing they definitely were not is clean.
  • Said tenants did one of the shittiest paint jobs I’ve seen in a long time. And had terrible taste in colors, too.
  • It’s near pretty major artery, so it’s not exactly quiet. It’s not like living next to a freeway, but still.

I have painted all the walls white and cleaned the carpet and that really made a big difference. It’s nice to have our own place after all these years!


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