Highlights of 2012

Man, another year! Gone! It seems like they go by faster and faster, yet, looking back, it also seems so long at the same time. So, yeah, what happened this year?

  • I guess the biggest event of 2012 is that we left the East Coast and moved to the Pacific Northwest. It was a huge move, huge in terms of stuff to transport across the country and huge in terms of cultural differences. The two coasts could not be more different. Where the East Coast was rough and rude; the PNW is friendly, chatty, and open. East Coast summers are a drag, hot and humid, while over here they are dreamy, at least this side of the Cascades. I personally feel much more at home here than I did ‘over there’ and, honestly, all of you that were left behind — I wish there would be some way to get you all over here!
  • I left my old job and finding work is as difficult and soul killing now as it was four years ago when I had to do it the last time. That’s really all I can say. I have work, but I’m what they call ‘underemployed’ and am definitely still on the market, as they say, with my terrible mix of over- and under-qualifications.
  • I started going to Martial Arts classes, something I’ve never really thought about and more or less decided to try out on a whim and the vague idea that it might help me developing ‘presence’. And also getting in shape. I’ve been going to the gym 2-3x a week for about a year now and definitely see an effect, but got a little bored with the lifting (it felt a little static) and was looking for something more dynamic to mix things up. This was the best choice I’ve made in a long time, it’s fun as fuck, I’ve lost weight, my balance is great, and I’m getting a ton of mileage out of it.
  • Tested for rank and got my Blue Gloves 2° in Savate and passed the Phase Test 1.1. Pretty stoked about both of these things.
  • Money was tight this year. Let’s hope next year will be better.
  • I listened to the ‘Lil John’ station on Pandora way more than I’d like to admit. I noticed it helps me go through the incredibly boring work I am doing at the moment.
  • This year was the first summer in literally years where I didn’t think I’d die from dehydration and heat stroke. That was very very nice.
  • We visited Nantucket in the spring. What an odd place. With odd people. Definitely one of the most interesting East Coast experiences I’ve ever had. I’m sure the place is lovely — without the people. I also got the most badass sunburn on the ferry back. I was the same color as the lobster we ate. Well, not me, because I don’t like lobster. As far as crustaceans are concerned, I prefer crabs.

To sum it up, it was an okay year, but not really great. There was some stuff going on in my family that was very stressful. Eye-opening, but stressful and upsetting nevertheless. I guess better late than never, but still… to look at the bright side of this though, I’d probably not have started doing martial arts without these developments, so there you have it.


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