Summer is over, we barely knew ya!

We’ve had an awesome summer over here, but for a couple of days now the grey clouds are creeping in and it takes longer and longer each day for the sun to burn them off.

There have been some employment-related developments. Nothing big and certainly nothing to trumpet about, but it pays considerably well and I can make my own schedule, which is nice. So that’s good.

I’ve worked out a lot, which became my method of dealing with frustrations and anger and generally feeling bad over the last months. It’s funny, because I was never interested in sports, but deciding to go to a martial arts school was the best idea I’ve had in a long time, health-related, that is. I’ve lost weight, lost the ‘uncooked biscuit sitting on a couch’ look, developed muscles I never thought I had, and feel fitter and healthier than ever in my life. There was really no better time to start, because there was some family stuff going on that was hard to stomach and letting all that out in a positive and productive way really helped. A lot. Plus, The Wife appreciates the new look.

Speaking of look, the Beard has been trimmed dramatically, down to the point where I — and The Wife — saw my chin again. Actually, this was the first time she saw that I indeed have one and that it’s well proportioned. She married me chin-unseen! What a leap of faith.

Other than that, life goes on.

That sounds a little bleak, but sometimes things are a little grey and, well, bleak-ish.


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