Stinky Gloves!?!?

One thing I learned since I started taking martial arts classes is that boxing gloves start to smell funky pretty quickly. Well, I learned that this problem exists in the first place — I mean, who would’ve thought that, eh?

We don’t use wraps (for some reason), but I am considering starting to use them not only because it supposedly helps to keep the smell under control (somewhat) but also for wrist- and hand-protection, which is what wraps are actually for. Not that I hit super-hard, but I’ve hit the focus mitts or the heavy bag at an odd angle once or twice and your wrists will let you know right away that something didn’t go well.

Anyway, I ended up searching all over the place for solutions to the smell issue and here’s what I came up with.

  • Stuffing them with paper. This one actually works quite well. I leave the glove dogs in the gloves over night and then stuff them with old newspaper. If they are really sweaty, I stuff them right away and leave the paper in at least over night if not longer. The same thing works well with wet shoes, by the way.
  • Glove Dogs. Basically little bags filled with cedar chips. You can either make your own out of old socks or order them. They work fine and smell nice, but if you work out consecutive days the gloves get wet don’t absorb too well. Make sure you stuff them all the way in. (see bullet point above, too.)
  • Socks filled with kitty litter. Yeah, so I tried that but the dust from the litter goes through the socks and into the gloves, which I didn’t like. It maybe works better if you use two socks, but I couldn’t be bothered.
  • Putting them in the freezer overnight. I have read about but haven’t tried this, but from what I’ve read it works, but might damage the leather if kept in too long.
  • Febreze/Lysol. It seems like Febreze works for almost everything, so if you are comfortable spraying chemicals into your gloves, go ahead.
  • Second pair of gloves / better quality gloves. If you have some extra cash to through around you can always buy a second pair and alternate. And higher quality gloves might make a difference. But sweat is sweat, right?

I’ve used the glove dogs for a couple of weeks now, in addition to ‘airing them out’ after leaving the dogs in for a day or so, and while they still smell a little funky, it generally works pretty well. I also use hand sanitizer in the gym before putting them on, so that might help, too.


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